Claim Information

You may submit your dental claim electronically or use a paper form to receive payment for services.

  • One claim form should be used for each patient
  • The claim should reflect only one treating dentist for services rendered
  • All claims must have the necessary fields populated and the proper documentation must be included to adjudicate the claim within 30 days of receipt

Electronic claims
You are encouraged to directly submit your claims and pre-treatment estimates online through the provider portal or through a clearinghouse. This may expedite the claim adjudication process and could improve overall claim payment turnaround time.

Participating network providers should sign in to to submit claims electronically.

You may submit online claims if you are not a network provider but have registered for our provider portal.

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Paper claims

It is recommended that you use an American Dental Association (ADA) Dental Claim Form to submit a paper claim.

  • All paper claims must be legible
  • Computer-generated forms are preferred
  • Additional documentation and radiographs should be attached when applicable

Use the following address information to ensure completed paper claims are routed to the correct resource for payment:

Claims and pre-treatment/pre-authorization submission addresses

UnitedHealthcare Dental
P.O. Box 30567
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0567

UnitedHealthcare Dental
PTE/Prior Authorizations
P.O. Box 30552
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0552

Review the Client reference guide for additional submission addresses

Review the Healthplex Client Reference Guide for claims submission addresses


Looking for claim information or want to submit an online claim for a Medicaid member?